Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wednesday Sept 14, 2005

How on earth am I going to find time to work on my career research!

My schedule is insane. I have different drop offs and pick ups every day. I do have a little break, M/W/F when Nick is at daycare but Max's gold days are ruining the break this week.
On gold days I have to pick him up an hour early and it's in the middle of my break.

Mondays I have:
Drop off Jake 8:30 , Max 8:45 , Cassie 9
Pick up Cassie 10:30
Drop off Cassie 12 at Art
Drop of Nick at Daycare 12
(If it's a gold day pick up Max at 2)
Pick up Jake 2:45
Pick up Cassie at art 3:00
Pick up Max on blue days 3:00
Pick up Nick at daycare 4:00 at Y
Jake swimming at Y 4:00-4:30
Cassie and Max swimming at Y at 4:30-5
Go home- 5:30

That's just the drop off/pick up schedule. I also have laundry, grocery shopping ,making dinner and all the sundry household management tasks to accomplish. I feel really overwhelmed right now.

To counter the stress I've been going to bed really early for me, and shopping way too much. Got to cut up the cards if I'm not careful! Don't want to develop a shopping addiction EEK!

Anyhow I still feel stuck in my top 3. I just don't feel super passionate towards any particular career. And I need that passion. SO what to do?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Wednesday Sept 7, 2005

Second day of school for the boys, first full day. I spent the morning tidying up the boys room and the kitchen, doing laundry etc. Nick went to daycare and I got my packages mailed off. Then we had swim lessons. I hardly had a minute to think!

I am preoccupied with my house, and the kids schedules. I'm sure once they have been in class for awhile I will be able to focus more on my goals. I really need to get researching and planning. I am thinking I want to change my #3 to Librarian, but I need to look into my options first. So I'm adding it back as a #4.