Friday, September 22, 2006

Registration Today

Today I registered for my Fall 2006 classes. I am taking 2. Because I got in so late I had little to chose from, and had to wait list one of the classes I wanted to take. I will be taking a writing class, and a sociology class. I have figured out how I want to take the rest of my prerequisites before starting the nursing program, and I hope to finish those by Spring 2008. I don't really want to start my major until Fall 2008 so that my youngest son will be in school all day and won't have to be in daycare as much. This semester I won't need any daycare during class times, since I am taking a 8-9 am class T/TH and a 4-6pm class T/TH. My 14 yr old DD will babysitt for the evening class until DH gets home, and DH will watch them in the morning until I finish class and then he can go to work. DS in middle school
will take the bus, and DH will drop off our other school age son. I will drop off DD on my way to class and pick her up on the days I need her home earlier than the bus gets her home. This is going to be wild! LOL

I felt rather odd on campus with all the young kids. I felt like I should be one of the parents bringing their kid, instead of the student. But once I got to the transfer student orientation I felt o.k. They weren't too much help for me, but I will make an apt with my nursing advisor and hopefully that will help clarify what credits I still need before I apply. Thankfully next term I will be able to register early and hopefully get the classes I need!!