Friday, October 16, 2009

Easy Peasy

I have been slacking on my journal. The fall term is in full swing and so far it has been a breeze. I am really feeling relaxed and enjoying myself. I really like my clinical instructor and I am taking every opportunity I have to learn. Wednesday I got to do my clinical in OB. I watched a fetal monitor strip, and understand better what is good and what isn't. I saw a non-stress test on twins, and best of all I got to help support a laboring mom while she was pushing. We almost got to see the baby born, but our time in clinical was over and we had to leave before the baby was born. It really felt right for me. It confirmed my inner feelings that OB is the right area of nursing for me.

In other news, our town has been hit pretty hard by H1N1. 25% of the middle school is out with the flu, and a good 1/5 of the high school. I am going to get the vaccine as soon as there is some available at my Dr's office (I have to have the shot and the student clinic only has the inhaled version which I can't have) There were a lot of people at the hospital too with the flu so I really want to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Fortunately our school is prepared to be flexible about making up clinical days in case we get it.