Tuesday, April 25, 2006

35 and still alive

Long time no post!

I have passed my 35th birthday as of April 7th and I am feeling like I have crossed a milestone. Life is keeping on keeping on. Lots of kids stuff, mostly good. The boys are really thriving in their classrooms and the IEP meetings went well. My littlest is finally out of the "Let's make a big mess" phase and keeping to his toys and games instead of my kitchen cupbords so the carpet is safe once more LOL. He is the one who will end up turning my hair white though ;)

DD will turn 14 next month and is being all the teenage girl she can to make me feel like it's going to be over before I know it. Shooting up in height, a slender willowy emotional young woman who knows how to push all my buttons. Having to learn new parental ninjitsu to keep up LOL. Put parental controls with password on all computers in the house, what a pain grr. To be expected though that she would finally push the boundries. Wouldn't let a stranger just walk on in my home, so no online strangers without being approved by me in a moderated environment. Sigh, being a grown-up sucks sometimes. The sulkiness might kill me before she goes off to college. Also have decided to homeschool H.S. since she is really not ready for the crash course of the social minefield of public H.S. Better to keep her at the learning center where she has friends and is happy and learning. We'll worry about the rest later. Academically she's doing great.

DH is happy at work, life is actually pretty humdrum but that is a real blessing. Giving me more time to read and try to figure out the fancy camera I bought myself. It's a Canon Rebel XT. Very fancy digital SLR with all the bells and whistles. I can't do more than point and shoot with it yet but I mean to become an expert with it.

As far as my career search goes I feel just as far as when I started sometimes. I need to be able to express myself, learn things, use all the HAB gifts I have and still make $. A tall order. I am stumped for now. Fortunately I have another year before going back to school and small one in Kindergarten. I know I can figure it out. I have been playing with the idea of being a midwife. In Oregon it is really the easiest state to do it. I have to see about the legal liablility coverage though. There is a school here where I live. I could also be a doula. I made it through 4 labor and deliveries of my own without meds, and I was a coach for my friend when she had her baby. I love pregnancy and birth so maybe that is a path I could take. I need to feel it out though, it requires a lot of time away from my family at odd hrs. But maybe when they are older. Something to let bubble underneath my subconscious.