Thursday, July 26, 2007


In June, I had the opportunity to go have a Reiki session. I went in very skeptical, and came out feeling like a million bucks. So I went back for another session, and then decided I wanted to learn how to do it! This will be one more positive tool in my tool box to help my children and myself in a path to a healthier more balanced life. I recieved my first Reiki attunement on July 21, and I will go back on the 18th of August for the second. In the meantime I am enjoying my first steps into using Reiki.

Parents know all

What a character! Last night Lane and I decided to vacuum under our bed, because something has been biting him at night and he thought it might be a spider. We didn’t find a spider…..but we did find a bazillion toys and garbage under our bed that a certain little someone put under there. We made him come in and pick it all up. While he was doing that, Lane said something to the effect of “I bet every time I asked you to pick up the mess you made on our floor you just tossed whatever it was under there.” Nick looked at him and said “I’m just going to say that you really freak me out when you read my mind like that!” We just about busted a gut trying not to laugh!

Monday, July 02, 2007

The surgery was a sucess!

My 9 yr old had his tonsilectomy on the 22nd. He flew through with flying colors. He really amazed me by his ability to handle the fear and pain and just do what he was asked to do. His recovery so far has been amazing. The hardest part has been keeping him quiet enough and not running around. 5 days after he didn't even need pain meds anymore. Now he's just itching for the o.k. to get back to rough and tumble play with his little brother :)

Summer is so wonderful just sitting and enjoying the momment. I am relaxing and doing just the bare minimum and treating myself to some R &R :) August will bring 2 trips, one to WA to my DH's family reunion and one to ID to see my mom.