Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Blue is my color


I'm definately a blue! I scored 32 Blue, 24 Gold 9 Orange

The Blue personality type is more difficult to describe than the other colors because the Blue's goals are somewhat nebulous, even in the mind of a Blue. However, more than anything else, Blues are in search of themselves. They are absorbed in the act of becoming. While the other colors go after straight-forward desires, the Blues are involved in a perpetual search for self. In a sense, their purpose in life is to have a purpose in life.

Blues are in search of themselves
The quest for self-actualization is never-ending. In a paradoxical statement of purpose, Blues want to become who they really are. This search for identity can cause some Blues guilt, since they feel what they are now is not all they should be. They may go from place to place, idea to idea, seeking their own uniqueness and an elusive unity with self.

Blues need to feel unique
Blues hunger for an identity that is unique. Blues must feel unique. They must feel that they are special. To be just one person among millions--a cog in the machine--is to be nothing. In whatever role they are in, Blues need to be appreciated for their unique contributions. They want to make a difference in the world. They need meaning in their lives.

Blues must be true to themselves
‘To thine own self be true’ strikes at the heart of Blues. They value integrity--not the kind of integrity that a Gold might value, dictated by societal conventions and ethics--but integrity of self. They must be true to themselves and their inner potential. To be in harmony with themselves, Blues must be genuine and authentic at all times. To do any less would be to lose the self they are seeking.

Blues look for symbolism
The Blues' desire for significance leads them to live in a world of symbolism. They are extremely sensitive to nuances and subtleties in gesture that are often imperceptible to other colors. They will notice the body language of a person that would totally escape the other colors. They look for metaphoric meanings. Because of this, the added dimensions Blues add to communication are often lost on other colors. Blues are also vulnerable to interpreting messages that are not always meant by other colors.

Blues value close relationships
Blues value close relationships. They bring to relationships a heightened sense of meaning and drama. Their relationships begin with enthusiastic anticipation accompanied by a considerable investment of effort and emotion. Unfortunately, many times they end in disappointment that what could have been was not. Blues give time and energy to a relationship freely, especially as it is developing. They are not necessarily concerned that their efforts be fully reciprocated, as long as some response is given. They are highly romantic and appreciate small tokens of love and symbolic gestures. Blues are deeply devoted and loyal friends.

Blues look beyond the surface
Blues try to see beyond the surface to what is good inside a person. Because of this romanticized view of others, Blues will sometimes remain in unhealthy relationships, always hoping that their partner will change. On the more positive side, in a healthy relationship this patience and optimism can help the relationship continue to thrive. The Blue will always look for something more in others, as in themselves. They cannot believe that the visible is all there is.

Blues share emotions
Blues like to talk about their emotions with others. They are good listeners and excellent communicators. Life, for a Blue, is something to share, feel and experience with other people. They want to understand and they want to be understood. The best way someone can show they love a Blue is to spend time talking, listening and sharing feelings.

Blues make decisions based on feelings
Many people consider Blues to be overly sentimental. Blues make decisions based on their feelings, not logic. The feelings of Blues are hurt easily. They are extremely sensitive to criticism. Blues tend to collect mementos, souvenirs, keepsakes and scrapbooks of things that are meaningful to them. They have many things they are unable or unwilling to throw away. Blues will likely have many photos of people and events that are meaningful to them.

Blues need harmony
Blues are not competitive by nature. A competition implies someone has to lose, and Blues want everyone to be winners. In a conflict, Blues will be more concerned that everyone is satisfied at the end than that their side wins. Though they do not give up their own ideas, Blues will often let others have their own way just to maintain harmony. In a group they will often take the role of the peacemaker. They are very sensitive to and stressed by conflict.

Blues are adaptable
Blues have the ability to appear to those around them as whatever those people want to see. Usually Blues will not find it necessary to correct these impressions. In general, they are very empathetic and are content to let others see whatever it is they seem to need or want. They will only share their personal view of themselves with those very close to them.

Blues are drawn to nurturing careers
There are also many Blues in fields such as psychiatry, counseling, teaching, religion and social work. They are driven by a desire to nurture others. Any career that provides the opportunity to help people develop into warmer, kinder, more loving human beings is likely to appeal to Blues. Blues see the potential good in everyone and devote themselves to cultivate this potential. For this reason, missionary work and the ministry attract Blues, as do social work and charity organizations. Many Blues are willing to make great personal sacrifices to help others find their way in life. Blues try to bring out that which is good in others. Blues can also be found in jobs that require a lot of social interaction, such as receptionists or sales clerks.

Professions that involve transmitting ideas and attitudes also appeal to Blues. Thus, many Blues become teachers (especially at elementary levels), even though Golds usually outnumber the Blues in schools. Blues tend to choose the humanities, arts or social sciences as their areas of interest. Regardless of the occupation, they like to be involved with people and communication. Blues in the work force need to have peace and tranquillity on the job. They do not like working in an environment where there is a lot of tension, disharmony or people arguing. They like peace and harmony.

No occupation is completely filled by one color. Sometimes Blues and Golds are difficult to distinguish because they both are drawn to service occupations. To see the difference, examine their motivation and what they get out of the job. Golds want to take care of the system. Blues want to take care of people. As an example, Blues will be drawn to nursing for the purpose of serving individuals and would enjoy helping, supporting, building relationships, and the opportunity to be with and meet others. Golds see it as a job to be done, and it is their opportunity and responsibility to do it.

Blues get involved in causes
Blues often have a sense of mission and use their creative talents to convert followers to their cause, whatever it might be. Blues are easily involved in causes, though they will not stay long if the cause does not have lasting significance and show itself capable of helping improve the conditions of people.

Blues have sought many ways to find deeper meaning in their lives. The encounter group movement was largely started and attended by Blues seeking an elusive intimacy and intensity in their relationships. They sought to find themselves and ‘get in touch with their feelings.’ The whole concept of group therapy that involves the open exchange of emotions is intrinsically Blue.

Blues are committed to ideals
Blues often have difficulty limiting the amount of time and energy they devote to work. This is because Blues are drawn to work that matters to them. Blues do not work on impulse; they work toward an ideal. Once Blues make a commitment to a production or endeavor, they are often unable or unwilling to limit their involvement. They can then be unreasonably demanding on themselves and others if it is for a cause or goal to which they are committed.

Blues explore a variety of areas
Unlike Greens, who stake out their area of competency, Blues are liable to move from idea to idea, dabbling in different areas. Like the Orange, the Blue wants to taste the abundance of life. Unlike the Orange, the Blue needs to find meaning in each experience. Blues will often romanticize events. They are more interested in people than in abstractions. Blues think about the possibilities in people rather than in principles or nature.

People matter most to Blues
People matter more than things to the Blue, relationships matter more than abstractions, and interaction is more important than action. As Blues seek to fulfill their potential and find a unique of identity, they come to realize that the process never ends. The important thing is to work toward becoming a final, finished person and help others along that same path.

Blues bring unity to society
The Blue personality is what keeps everyone working together. Blues are the mediators of the world. Blues are those who are always taking care of people's physical and emotional needs. They bring compassion and concern for spiritual matters to society.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Summer Vacation

Well Wed will officially start summer vacation for my kids. I am trying to wrap up all the end of the year loose ends before we motor over to my moms for a visit. I want to go while it is still cool enough not to fry in the metal trailer! Last year the poor kids were so hot. I want my mom cooled off too, she is as bad about being cranky in the heat as the kids LOL. The only other summer plans- go to the ocean for a 4 day weekend with DH and the kids, and lots of swimming and playdates for the kids. Oh and sleep IN!!!

On the career front,

1. Photograpy- looking into online classes, going to spend the summer reading reading reading the many books I bought on it. Thinking about specializing with babies and pregnant moms, maybe even birth photography!

2. Doula - Wouldn't be able to do it until littlest is in middle school, the kids need me too much to be available during the day. Birth is unpredicatable.

3. Midwife- still thinking about it, but the liability issue concerns me. Will have to do more soul searching

4. Author- always there.

5. Landscape Architect. Still not sure how to swing the degree on this one. Local U doesn't have a program. Still looking into online possibilities.

These are the top 5 for now.