Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Week 3 of Fall Term

Doing well so far in school. I am not feeling overwhelmed at all. I have plenty of time to work on my homework while Nick is at the Y. I am enjoying the spirited discussions in both my classes. My USEM teacher is awesome. I am so inspired by her. And the other students may be young, but they are so eager to learn and so involved. So different than my previous college experiences :) I am so happy right now!

Cassie is doing well in school too. Her grades right now are 2 A's, 2 B's and 2 C's. I think she'll pull both C's up by the end of the term, but even if she doesn't she is really trying and I am very proud of her. She even is getting up a half an hour early on T/TH so I can be on time for class. No complaints about having to help out more and I am just so thrilled she is being so helpful! :)

Lane also has been helping out a lot, watching the boys T/TH morning and taking them to school. He also finished the gravel path that he started this summer without me having to nag anymore :)

When life is good it is amazing!