Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fall Term Begins

The first week of classes has arrived. I am exhausted LOL. I have class right now on Tuesday 12-1:15, and 5-9:20 pm in Medford. Wed Anatomy lab from 9-12. Thursday A&P lecture from 12-1:15 and no class on Monday or Friday.

I have to add one more credit, and the Orientation to Health Care Professionals class is full, so I have to show up and hope she will add me if someone doesn't show up. It would be on Fri from 11-12. Only 1 credit so less work than adding a 4 credit class. If not I will be adding American History which should be an easy class. I sat in on the lecture today just in case it is the class I need to take. It would be T/TH 10-12 so it would fit into my time slot. I want all my classes between 9-1:30 because that is when the kids are in school and I won't have to arrange child care. Cassie watches the boys while I go to my Tues eve class.

So far so good. The Anatomy class is interesting. I got to hold real human bones in the lab. I was pleased at how well I already know the skull. I have been studying for a few weeks so it would be easier. We have open lab for all the lab slots for the last hour of lab so if I need more lab time I can pop in to another section. We also have an interactive DVD to test ourselves with at home. So I am pretty confident I can get an A in ths class. I am considering changing the level to a 300 level anatomy class which would up the difficulty a tiny bit (research paper) but I am thinking it might give me a tiny edge over the competition. So I'll go talk to the professor about that.

Anyhow I am mostly going to have to do my reading on Friday-Mon because after class my time is pretty full with picking up kids, making dinner, soccer practice, homework for the kids, bath time, bedtime and somewhere in there all the laundry, etc. It is going to be a jam packed year!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

My DH's New wheels

Here is Lane's new Toyota Tacoma PreRunner! I decided I was sick of sending him to work in a tin can of a Ford Focus, so we traded it in today for a new 2007 white Tacoma. I LOVE it :)

Best of all, since I just paid off my van, combing that payment amount with DH's car payment and this is going to hardly put a ripple in our budget :)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

All 4 in school

Nick's first week of Kindergarten has gone very well. His teacher is Mr. F, a BRAND new teacher. So far so good. He is totally comfortable as far as I can tell and has been happy every day when I pick him up. All the older kids are having a good year so far, and I have a good feeling this is going to be a smooth year :)

Friday, September 07, 2007


Trip to ID Home and School has already started!

We went to see my mom for a few days and it sure wasn't long enough! But you take what you can get and enjoy what you have :) We had an awesome time visiting my mom and the boys had a few huge breakthroughs! They both overcame their dog anxiety and by the time we went home Jake was letting Trevor lick him, and Max also allowed Trevor to lick him. Since we have come home both of them are handling our dogs better. I actually caught Max petting Rocky today LOL. He was startled that I saw but I just ignored it and pretended I didn't see :D It was so nice to see my mom and Boppa (the kids call them Nana and Boppa)

All 3 older kids went back to school this week and had a really solid first week. Good reports all around. I think Jake will be much happier in the SPED classroom. They have 2 teachers (1 part time) and 2 full time aides and 2 part time aides. I think it will be a good year.

Today I met Nick's K teacher. He has a male teacher who is brand new to teaching- student teaching and subbing a year up to this point. He seems nice and the class is set up very well. I hope he doesn't have too inflated expectations for K though, boys 5-6 are not the best at following directions and he seems a bit perfectionistic to me. We will see how it goes. I would have preferred the other teacher but Nick knows a lot of kids in this class from the Y so he should be pretty happy with that.

I start classes on 25th. Not much longer until I go get my books!