Friday, May 04, 2007

I have a new nephew :)

I forgot to say.... my brother and his wife had their first child on Mar 28th. Their son Cerik was born weighing in at 5 lbs 6 oz which is in the normal range for Japanese babies. He has lots of dark hair and he's so cute! :) I am so happy for them! My brother sounds over the moon happy about his new son.

I'm back

I switched my blog over to a Google acct, then promptly the username password wouldn't work. I figured it out so now I can update my blog :)

Life has been totally crazy. I am taking 3 classes this term. Nutrition, USEM 103, and Lifespan Development. My 9 yr old has been totally melting down at school, so I am also attending school with him in the resource room every day when I am not in class. Needless to say I have no free time at all and I will be thrilled to see summer vacation! I observed the site based classroom today to see what I thought about it for him. So far I think I really don't have much choice. I like the teacher ( I helped hire her LOL) and she seems to have a good set up. Whether Jake will accept it or not is the question!

In addition to the school issues, Jake had an apt at the ENT last week, and he will be getting his tonsils out on June 22. He has had sleep apnea for awhile, and I finally caught it on tape so the ENT said he would definately take them out so he can get enough oxygen while he is sleeping. I am so relieved since I wanted to do this last year! The poor kid has snored since birth and mouth breaths and I think his apnea is really making life rough for him. Next up is getting him on Zyrtek to get his allergies under control. I have him on Loratadine but it's doing nothing for them.

I got Nick my 5 yr old registered for K this fall, and he has come with me to the school on the days he doesn't have daycare. He is going to do just fine. He has had a lot of fun at recess with the big kids LOL.

Cassie is really maturing. She got braces a few weeks ago and has done really well with them, hardly a complaint. She also gave her first speech at school and got an A on it :) I can see her academic skills growing a bit and that makes me very happy since she seems to be getting the idea about homework needing to be turned in to get credit finally LOL.

Max is doing o.k. I still haven't heard from his teacher about his IEP mtg. They are doing an FBA and I hope it's going to be done soon. I want to be done with school meetings for the year. He seems like he's been doing better lately so I hope they can get something useful out of the FBA.

Anyhow, my summer plans are in flux now. We were going to visit my mom in June, but Jake can't travel for 3 wks so it's looking more like Aug now. Way too hot in my opinion to visit ID, but we will do it anyhow. Once a year is just not enough to visit my mom.