Sunday, January 28, 2007


Fall term is over and I achieved A's in both the classes I took. Winter vacation was wonderful. We had a lot of family time and despite being sick I enjoyed every minute.

Now it's back to the school schedule. This term I am taking 3 classes. University Seminar 102, Psychology 202, and Intermediate Algebra. So far everything is going well. I have had to work very hard at the math, but I am confident I will pass the class.

I have been in a very good mental state all winter, which is a relief since I tend toward seasonal affective disorder when it's gray. Taking my B vitamins has really helped with my energy level and kept my moods level. :)

The kids are all doing great. Nick loves his friends and the activities they do at the Y so I don't even feel conflicted about him spending so much time there. He is going to do just fine in K socially. He has made friends with all the little boys in his class. They are very cute at this age, playing superhero lately LOL.

Cassie has been feeling kind of anxious around other people, so unfortunately she seems to have inherited that from me, but she is gutsy and doing well despite that hurdle. She had finals last week, so I won't know until those grades come back how she did her first semester of H.S. She cut her hair off last week to donate it to locks of love. It looks really cute.

Max is doing well in school, but I have to encourage him more to invite friends over. And Jake has been having a rough time lately, regressing a bit. But one bright spot, he's finally reading chapter books and enjoying them :)

That is pretty much it. Just focusing on my classes and trying my best to keep it all together.