Sunday, July 02, 2006

Fantastic Trip

Visited my mom and stepdad in ID with all the kids and the dog. Probably the best visit we've ever had with them! DH stayed home and worked. He watered the garden for me and enjoyed a kid free 11 days watching TV and working on the gravel path we are putting in on the side of the house.

We had moderately hot weather, but still tolerable without A/C. I took a bunch of photos of the kids skipping rocks into the Snake river :) Taffy and my parents dog Trevor took a few days to accept one another, but they played pretty well by the time we left.

I got to relax, decompress and read a lot :) Rarely get to just do whatever I want these days. How nice it was!

Came home Thurs and got a flat tire in an extremely fortuitous location- caught it before it got 100% flat in the last town before I'd have gotten stuck in the middle of nowhere!! 2 new tires later and we drove home safe and sound.

Then yesterday we went to the Circ Chimera with my dad and stepmom. WOW that was cool :) The kids had a great time. The best part was the contortionist. She was unbelivably flexible! Just incredible!