Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Narrowing down my choices

1. Teacher
2. Landscape Architect
3. Technical writer

4. Online store owner- do as a side business. Specialize in crafts and supplies?
5. Fiction writer- can do in addition to above profession.

Care Bears

Nick loved his first day of daycare so much. He begged me all of yesterday to go back to "care bears" LOL I thought that was so cute :) He goes today at 12 and I have 2 meetings with Jake and Max's teachers. Then it's off to the fruit stand to buy peaches and pears to can.

Wednesday Aug 31,2005

The devestation of hurricane Katrina is painful to watch. How terrible for the small children and the elderly trapped in the city of New Orleans. I feel just miserable for them. I wish they had heeded the warnings and gotten out of the city. Not that some of them had anywhere to go or any $ to get there. I don't understand why they didn't mobilize school buses in the city to bus the people who couldn't get out before the storm struck. It is all so sad.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Friday Aug 26th 2005

First day of our garage sale and I am exhausted, but we sold almost all the big stuff. Tomorrow I am hoping to get rid of most of the rest. Then post it on freecycle before taking it to goodwill. I am very happy we are lightening the clutter load!

And my ankle is happy too, no more rocking chair to knock it on in the middle of the night LOL!

I haven't had any time this week to get online, and when I do it has mostly been catching up on email. I have been spending more time researching biomedical approaches to helping people on the spectrum as well, and learning a lot. Enzymes, probiotics, oral chelation, spectrum formulated vitamins custom designed for asd's and viral therapies. So many expensive treatments that must be done soon or perhaps it will be too late. If mercury poisoning is the cause or the trigger my babies need it out! I am very concerned about so many things it's hard to focus on my own needs right now. However starting monday I will have 12 hrs a week that are all mine to do that. I will make an apt with ME to take care of ME and figure out how I'm going to do what I'd enjoy and still make enough to support myself and the kids if I need to. Also how I can give back to the community.

I spoke to the teacher next door, and she told me SOU's ed program is excellent and easy and she had no problem getting a job as a H.S. English teacher. I think I would enjoy that!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sunday Aug 21, 2005

Feeling very blue today. Battling my depression and losing.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Friday Aug 19, 2005

I was able to get a spot for Nick at the Y daycare so he can play with other kids his own age M/W/F from 12-4. He wants to play with other kids so much I just know he'll love it. It fits perfectly into my schedule too and my older kids have swimming M/W so we will pick up Nick and go downstairs to swim. On F we will swim just for fun. I am going to be living out of my car LOL. But in a way I am really looking forward to being on a school routine again. Plus I will have 12 hrs a week all to myself YAY! I am going to use the time to excersize, make apts to get massage or my dentist apt., haircut or whatever I have been putting off. This is going to be great for the whole family. :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Aug 16, 2005

DH had his surgery yesterday to repair his hernia and all went well. He was a real trooper and is being very reasonable as a patient. I know he was in considerable pain before the pain meds kicked in, but now he is resting comfortably at home. The put him under using general anesthesia. I am so glad it is over! He will be out of work all week and working from home all of next week.
I am also happy to report that we have found a babysitter! The sixteen year old daughter of our neighbor watched the kids while we were at the hospital and they liked her. So now we can go out once in awhile :)
Other than that the only news is that my stepmom and stepdad's mothers both passed away last weekend. :(
I am going to spend most of this week taking care of hubby, registering the kids for school and getting stuff ready for the garage sale we are having Aug 26/27. Busy busy!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

AUg 10,2005

Back from my trip and finally settling into our home routine. We left July 13th, and drove over 3000 miles on our trip! Down to CA, over to ID and up to WA, then back home to S. OR.

The kids and the dog were awesome. But it was a really long trip and I am exhausted. To make matters more difficult my husband will be undergoing hernia surgery on Monday and the rest of my summer will be babying him through his recovery while I try to whip our house into some kind of order. No me time or computer probably. Oh well at least he finally is dealing with this problem and hopefully it will lead to him taking better care of himself.

I am also pretty sure I will be starting the GFCF diet with the kids, have to read more and see what I can handle. Small changes one thing at a time I guess as we use up stuff. I can't afford to throw out food just because it's not on the diet. And the whole family will have to do it. I won't be able to say no to the kids if I'm not doing it. I will miss cheese the most I think!