Saturday, April 02, 2011

In Hospital on Bed Rest

Well the best laid plans....

Tuesday March 29 at 11:45 pm I woke up in a puddle and had to go to the hospital. They admitted me and I'm on bed rest until Ben is born. He has had both steroid shots to mature his lungs and they have had the 24 hrs they need to have the full effect. I've been in the hospital almost 4 days now and no contractions. He looks great on the monitor. The plan is to induce me April 9th if he hasn't been born yet. I am still planning to finish nursing school, just flipped my plan to do the clinical days I was going to do in April into May, and having a baby into April :) I'm trying to stay focused on the positive and cross each bridge as I come to it. At least it is reassuring that at 33 wks Ben has an excellent chance of survival and having a normal life.