Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Latest and Greatest

Medical stuff seems to be in the air in my house,
DH is now sleeping much better and no more snoring and apnea now that he has been put on a CPAP machine at night to help keep him breathing! He was starting to fall asleep typing at his desk at work and I was watching my husband slip away. I am so grateful for modern technology!!! He also has been having major dental work done this month- 2 crowns, and today he got the first one put in. He is in major pain and may still lose the tooth :(

Jake went to the ENT yesterday- everything checks out there so no need to have any surgery. I am supposed to monitor his sleep and report back if I notice any apnea.
His blood tests last month for allergies came back with everything fine except a severe allergy to cats, and a low allergy to dogs. We have had 3 cats since he was born! We have a dog. He is now on an antihistimine and I am still considering how to keep the cats out of his bedroom. I may have to resort to putting the cats outside, and making them a "cat house" with heat lamp. I am so torn because we love our pets so much, but between my allergies to the dog, and Jake's to the cats I feel like a bad parent for trying to keep them :( But I know all 4 of my kids would be miserable without their beloved pets! A no win situation!

As for me, I'm still way too overweight, not eating right and I know I need to make some major changes for my health. I am going back in for my follow up allergist apt in late Feb, and hoping to take the allergy shots soon afterwards. It will be a several year committment with weekly, then monthly shots. I am afraid, very afraid LOL but I know its for my own good. I am managing well on my asthma meds, Advair + Zyrtek seem to be the magic combo for me right now. We'll see when spring hits with all the pollen!

I bought a new camera, a Canon EOS Rebel XT. It is a digital SLR camera. I considering Professional photography as a career option. It's not on the list I came up with, but it fits into my love of celebrating life, working with people on my terms, spatial ability (composition), detail orientation, specialist nature and introverted need to work in a field where I control my own work schedule and environment. At the very least I will be able to take much better photos of my kids! At heart I am an artist, and photography is a really fun medium to play in.

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Megan said...

I have aspergers syndrome. I do graphic novels on it. My blog is "Megans Vision comic stories and art"
I like to draw too graphic novels,draw with prismacolor,do beading.
I also have a website called that has some of my art on it.