Monday, June 12, 2006

Summer Vacation

Well Wed will officially start summer vacation for my kids. I am trying to wrap up all the end of the year loose ends before we motor over to my moms for a visit. I want to go while it is still cool enough not to fry in the metal trailer! Last year the poor kids were so hot. I want my mom cooled off too, she is as bad about being cranky in the heat as the kids LOL. The only other summer plans- go to the ocean for a 4 day weekend with DH and the kids, and lots of swimming and playdates for the kids. Oh and sleep IN!!!

On the career front,

1. Photograpy- looking into online classes, going to spend the summer reading reading reading the many books I bought on it. Thinking about specializing with babies and pregnant moms, maybe even birth photography!

2. Doula - Wouldn't be able to do it until littlest is in middle school, the kids need me too much to be available during the day. Birth is unpredicatable.

3. Midwife- still thinking about it, but the liability issue concerns me. Will have to do more soul searching

4. Author- always there.

5. Landscape Architect. Still not sure how to swing the degree on this one. Local U doesn't have a program. Still looking into online possibilities.

These are the top 5 for now.

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Megan said...

Intoresting ideas. I like photography too even though I haven't tried it. I like photos of fairs at night.