Tuesday, December 18, 2007

His name is Sparky!

We finally all agreed on naming the puppy Sparky. And boy is he keeping me busy! Not that it's any shock that an 8 wk old puppy keeps a person busy LOL. He's into everything, and having a grand time trying to undecorate my tree. Luckily I have a baby gate to keep him in the LR with me so most of the time that is under control. He already has learned to sit!

Jake made a breakthrough and actually sat on the couch to watch tv tonight. First time ever in this house that he's sat on a couch. He is being so cute with Sparky. Petting him and having fun giving him toys. I can't explain just how amazing it feels to see that after so long dealing with the fear. I love the big grins he's giving me over this pup :)

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Melody Polakow said...

He is soo adorable becca!

I'm thrilled with the breakthrough .. it's wonderful that both the boys have overcome such fear..