Thursday, May 15, 2008

What happened to spring?

Wow it's HOT already! We're supposed to get up to 99 today! It feels like it went straight from barely spring to summer. It will probably cool off again, but it's a indication that the summer is almost here.

I had my second lecture test today. I think I did o.k. I had to miss two lectures last week for a Dr apt and waiting to sign for UPs to deliver my we'll see how I did.

I was able to successfully lower my Prednisone dose to 80 mg this week, so that is progress :) My blood work from the edicrinologist came back and I have borderline low normal vitamin D levels despite taking 2000mg daily, so they are going to supplement me with a prescription. I suspect my kidneys are not turning it into the active form of D. Vit D isn't really a vitamin, it's really a hormone so it isn't like other vitamins. I've been totally out of the sun too trying to avoid the medication effects of being oversensitve to sun so that might be part of it too. My THS thyroid level was low as well and we will get another blood test in 3 months to recheck that. I am feeling really good overall though!

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