Friday, July 25, 2008

Wrapping up the last loose ends

Monday I'll be mailing off my immunization form. That is the last hoop I have to jump through to complete my admissions requirements. I also renewed my CPR certificate today. It isn't due until October but I wanted to get it done before summer was over so it won't conflict with classes. Anything to reduce future stress.

The class schedule is finally posted and I am going to have some very long days.
Monday 8-11 Foundation of Nursing
Tuesday 8-5 Foundation of Nursing, (Microbiology in the afternoon with lab following)
Wed, Th or Fri 8-11 Simulation wks 4,7,10 of term
Thurday 2-5(Microbiology in the afternoon with lab following)

Clinicals TBA on Wed or Friday

I also looked at the text list and it is very long. 13 books for the whole year! Fortunately the text list for years 2 and 3 is MUCH shorter so I am assuming many of the books with be used in the entire program.

All I have left to do is purchase my navy blue scrubs and lab coat, shoes and my OHSU patches and I'll have all my supplies in place. I am really happy the scrub color is navy instead of white! :)


The Commander said...

Dear Joyful Dreamer,
I am the fellow building the house in Tennessee. Thank you for your comments... I just found them today.
Dave Mauldin

Joyful Dreamer said...

You're very welcome Dave! I found your blog through your wife at Mrs S. Your cottage is going to be so beautiful. And your love for your adorable grandson is a joy to see :)