Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break

My finals are over and I did very well. I got a chance to visit with my family and it was so nice to see them. My brother came from Japan with his wife and my nephew. Boy 2 yr olds are busy :) He is just darling and so smart! My mom and stepdad came as well and we had a mini family reunion. I will post pics at a later time when I get around to getting them off my camera.

Mostly I am reading and watching movies and sleeping. It feels SOOOO good to just decompress!


Melody Polakow said...

How great Becca!!! I will give you a call Sat.

We reduced our minutes on the cell phones (and that's my only phone).. so I basically only can talk on weekends or late at night (but I usually goto bed early)..


Natalie Neal Whitefield said...

It was so sweet to be together!
Momma & Stephen