Monday, September 12, 2011

Creating a Clean Space

The kids are back to school, and I have started my annual big declutter/clean up fest with the HGP. So far I've managed to clean the front porch, the entry closet and prune 2 of my 6 overgrown rosebushes. It's slower going with a baby but I am trying to do a few minutes every day. This week the focus is on the LR. We have a very small LR, filled with a lot of furniture.My main goal in here is to evaluate every item stored on the shelves, and in the cabinets. They are full and we don't use the items in there much so obviously a lot of these things should go. I managed to give away 4 pairs of snow pants and some other winter items we had too many of or that had been outgrown. I've decided not to store items for Ben, since it will be 10 yrs before he's big enough to wear them and space is at a premium in this house. Sometimes it seems tempting to try to do the whole house "Clean House" style and remove everything and only put those things back into the space that are attractive. But I know it would be an exhausting way to do it with a baby so I'm eating this elephant one bite at a time. It's really not that bad, just that we have lived here 7 yrs and things tend to accumulate when you're busy doing other things like college. But now I'm not a student anymore and it feels really good to take the time when I have it and re-evaluate our belongings and where we are in life! If we stay this space will be more workable and inviting, if we end up having to move it will be easier with a lighter load.


KellyC said...

Just popped in from Company Girls and this post hit home with me. I'm tackling 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there to clear out some old stuff also. Good luck with yours.

Joyful Dreamer said...

Thanks Kelly! It really makes a big difference! Keep it up :)