Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Well it's been awhile. Ben is now 8 months and still sweet as sugar. He started saying Mama on Saturday, first one of my kids to say that before dada. No teeth yet but he's getting mobile by rolling around. He won't stay on his tummy long enough to figure out the crawling but he can sit by himself. He is eating banana, applesauce, pears, sweet potato and yogurt now.
We are all ready for Christmas. Trees up and stockings hung and the kids are looking forward to a visit from their aunt and new cousin. My SIL is getting married a few days before Christmas and decided to pop down to see us for a quick visit. I am so happy for her and so excited to see her. Last time I was so wrapped up in school and NICU visits that I barely got to visit. I can't wait to meet her new husband and stepson as well.

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