Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fall Term Begins

The first week of classes has arrived. I am exhausted LOL. I have class right now on Tuesday 12-1:15, and 5-9:20 pm in Medford. Wed Anatomy lab from 9-12. Thursday A&P lecture from 12-1:15 and no class on Monday or Friday.

I have to add one more credit, and the Orientation to Health Care Professionals class is full, so I have to show up and hope she will add me if someone doesn't show up. It would be on Fri from 11-12. Only 1 credit so less work than adding a 4 credit class. If not I will be adding American History which should be an easy class. I sat in on the lecture today just in case it is the class I need to take. It would be T/TH 10-12 so it would fit into my time slot. I want all my classes between 9-1:30 because that is when the kids are in school and I won't have to arrange child care. Cassie watches the boys while I go to my Tues eve class.

So far so good. The Anatomy class is interesting. I got to hold real human bones in the lab. I was pleased at how well I already know the skull. I have been studying for a few weeks so it would be easier. We have open lab for all the lab slots for the last hour of lab so if I need more lab time I can pop in to another section. We also have an interactive DVD to test ourselves with at home. So I am pretty confident I can get an A in ths class. I am considering changing the level to a 300 level anatomy class which would up the difficulty a tiny bit (research paper) but I am thinking it might give me a tiny edge over the competition. So I'll go talk to the professor about that.

Anyhow I am mostly going to have to do my reading on Friday-Mon because after class my time is pretty full with picking up kids, making dinner, soccer practice, homework for the kids, bath time, bedtime and somewhere in there all the laundry, etc. It is going to be a jam packed year!

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