Friday, August 26, 2005

Friday Aug 26th 2005

First day of our garage sale and I am exhausted, but we sold almost all the big stuff. Tomorrow I am hoping to get rid of most of the rest. Then post it on freecycle before taking it to goodwill. I am very happy we are lightening the clutter load!

And my ankle is happy too, no more rocking chair to knock it on in the middle of the night LOL!

I haven't had any time this week to get online, and when I do it has mostly been catching up on email. I have been spending more time researching biomedical approaches to helping people on the spectrum as well, and learning a lot. Enzymes, probiotics, oral chelation, spectrum formulated vitamins custom designed for asd's and viral therapies. So many expensive treatments that must be done soon or perhaps it will be too late. If mercury poisoning is the cause or the trigger my babies need it out! I am very concerned about so many things it's hard to focus on my own needs right now. However starting monday I will have 12 hrs a week that are all mine to do that. I will make an apt with ME to take care of ME and figure out how I'm going to do what I'd enjoy and still make enough to support myself and the kids if I need to. Also how I can give back to the community.

I spoke to the teacher next door, and she told me SOU's ed program is excellent and easy and she had no problem getting a job as a H.S. English teacher. I think I would enjoy that!

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