Wednesday, August 10, 2005

AUg 10,2005

Back from my trip and finally settling into our home routine. We left July 13th, and drove over 3000 miles on our trip! Down to CA, over to ID and up to WA, then back home to S. OR.

The kids and the dog were awesome. But it was a really long trip and I am exhausted. To make matters more difficult my husband will be undergoing hernia surgery on Monday and the rest of my summer will be babying him through his recovery while I try to whip our house into some kind of order. No me time or computer probably. Oh well at least he finally is dealing with this problem and hopefully it will lead to him taking better care of himself.

I am also pretty sure I will be starting the GFCF diet with the kids, have to read more and see what I can handle. Small changes one thing at a time I guess as we use up stuff. I can't afford to throw out food just because it's not on the diet. And the whole family will have to do it. I won't be able to say no to the kids if I'm not doing it. I will miss cheese the most I think!

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