Sunday, August 13, 2006

Back to school

This is our last full week of Summer vacation before the kids head back to school. I am taking DD to her 8th grade testing this week, 5 hrs of testing so we are compliant with OR homeschool law that requires us to test at the end of 8th. Then she will just have 1 more set of required tests after 10th. Registration for my boys is on Wed, and then the week after that we go back.

Littlest DS goes back to daycare/preschool on the 4th of Sept. I will be very happy to have him get a break from me. He's been a handful lately.

Rocky had his second week of puppy school. He socialized very nicely today instead of hiding under my chair. Made buddies with the german shepherd on our right and the St. Bernard pup on our left LOL. I was happy to see him come out and play :) His sister is in the class and he got her to be less shy too and actually wag her tail :) Last week they were the only 2 hiding under the chairs. It's the Chow in them I guess LOL. I gave him a bath today and he tolerated it much better than Taffy. Now he is all fluffy and clean :)

I found out this week my brother and his wife are having a baby :) My first niece or nephew on my side! It will be their first and they are due in March. I am so so happy for them. They waited a long time and I was worried they might wait too long. I know my brother will be a great dad. I just wish they lived in the U.S. Japan is so far away :(

I decided today that I must go back to school. I really feel like if I don't then I never will and I really want to get the show on the road. I need a career where I can definately make enough $ to justify the degree, and help pay for my kids college too. I am feelign the financial pressure of only 1 income and I know at my current stage of life I have to pick something that can pay off right away.

I know I am smart enough, and have the aptitude to do it, so I am looking seriously at Nursing with a fall back option of Teaching if I don't get in to nursing school. Around here those are two areas they actually need good people!

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