Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What a day!

Yesterday I took Cassie to do her standardized testing to comply with the homeschool law to get tested after 8th grade. On the way home she tells me she WANTS to go to Public H.S. now. After the initial OMG butterflies, I tell her o.k. if that is what she wants :) We registered her this morning, went to do the second 1/2 of her testing in the afternoon. When we got home, it was off again to register Max in middle school, and Jake in 3rd grade.

A lot of papers, and then home to file them and fill out the rest of my own application. I took the first real action on my college plans. I called SCCC and U of I for my transcripts to be sent, and left a msg at my H.S. I'll call them again tomorrow since the person I needed to talk to was out to lunch.

I am going to go very part time this semester- just one or two classes to get my feet wet and get back into the student groove. Then more next semester if I get enough student loans. I am really hoping to get a scholarship :)

Right now the plan is to try to get my B.S. in Nursing, then go on for my Masters and become a Nurse Midwife. I think I can do the whole thing in 8 yrs. (2 yrs part time, then 4 full time for the Nursing program, then 2 for the Masters) If I can't do the Nurse track, then I'll do the Education track and become a Teacher. One way or another I am going to have a career that will let me put my kids through college and retire on my own merits :)


Melody said...

As you know, I am thrilled for you!! Cassie will do just fine too... I know it's scary... but she wants to do this... and I'm sure she'll rise to the occasion.

Dori said...

Joyful dreamer... I just read your profile and I have a little in common with you. Well my "little" is actually 6"3" son who also has aspergers. I read about your college aspirations... I am in processof that myself. I have a BA in social work, but returned part-time 2 years ago to achieve a teaching certification. I have taken 1/3 of the classes required for a matser's in education, but intend to take a year (at least) off after December.

It was nice to read your blog. I also have a family and food blog.