Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My H.S. student!

Yesterday we met with DD's High school counsellor to set up her schedule for the year. She is now enrolled in 7 classes. She will be taking

English 9
Health Sem 1/ PE Sem 2
Global Studies
Japanese I
Study Skills
Drawing/Painting 1 & 2
Algebra A

All I need to do to get her ready is buy her a cell phone (prepaid) and enroll her in the weekend freshman overnighter. They have a sleepover to let the kids get to know each other before school starts.


Dori said...

So you came from Iowa too. The overnighter thing is a great idea! We did that with our homeschool group each year.

Melody said...

Go Cassie!!

I see Dori up there.. she's a great woman.. She'd be a great person to talk to for you I think about the boys.