Wednesday, April 02, 2008

First Week of New Term

This term I will have class on 2 days a week T/Th. Yesterday was my first day of the new term and my long day. I have a group counselling class which helps out graduate pychology students from 9-11. Anatomy and Physiology lecture from 12-1 and then Health Psychology from 4-8. The Health Psychology class will be challenging as the professor is a perfectionist. I think I can manage it though. We will have 3 exams, and a 45 minute group presentation on a Behavioral Health topic. Lots and lots of research for that one, and very set perameters on what we need to cover. Which is a good thing, as it defines expectations ahead of time. Those won't happen until May so plenty of time to work on them which right now is a good thing.

Health wise I slept well, but woke up to a LOT of new red rash, which is what it looks like before another round of blisters. One day on a lower dose of the Imuran isn't looking promising. It is a take it very easy kind of day today. Both my younger boys are sleeping in since they are exhausted from Sunday night. They would NOT go to sleep and finalyy did at midnight but they are paying for it now. Rather than send them to school cranky since I don't have to go to class today I'll just let them sleep and take them in before my accupuncture apt at 10. Some days you just have to go with the flow!

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