Thursday, April 03, 2008

Imuran is not going to be the cure for me

I just got off the phone with my dermatologist. Apparently the blood test shows I don't make enough TPMT a liver enzyme because I am homozygous (got the same gene from both parents) and don't make enough genetically. So my liver can't metabolize the Imuran completely so that explains why it isn't working for me. So I'll be on the lowest dosse of Imuran until we can figure out what to treat me with. My derm is sending me up to Portland to OHSU for a consultation since she's never treated BP with anything except Imuran. I feel relieved knowing why the meds weren't working and even though I'm still uncomfortable this gives me hope another therapy could work.

I am packed and just wrapping up loose ends today for my trip. I fly to Dallas bright and early tomorrow morning :)


Natalie Neal-Whitefield said...

There may be a direct connection to Liver function in the manifestation of these symptoms. The blisters emerged after you received Hepatitis B immunizations, and your uncle had it emerge after contracting Hepatitis A. You may want to mention this to your acupuncturist in addition to discussing the implications with your other physicians.

Joyful Dreamer said...

I definately will tell her! I have been sharing all the info between practitioners so they all know what I'm taking and doing. I also thought this was interesting because of the methyl-sulphur connection and autism issues with mineral transport and drug differences in spectrum people. I am going to have to delve deeper into this.