Tuesday, April 01, 2008


My husband has just had his annual review. Blindsided by a lateral move to another team, from computer development to Q&A. He did get a 2% raise and moved to salary, but it feels like a demotion to be moved without notice, and the only one in the restructuring to be moved to another team. I am sad and frustrated for my hubby. He is a good man, works hard and doesn't complain. He's not a dazzler, but he gives good service for the $ he is paid and deserves more respect.

In other news- I had to cut back the Imuran, something in the pre-medication blood work is low and she doesn't want me on the higher dose. If it was working at the higher dose I'd be less nervous about that but I'm still getting new batches of blisters every couple of days.

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Melody Polakow said...

That really sucks.. Lane is a hard worker... and yes.. he deserves much more respect.