Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We had a great time on our vacation! Our first leg took us up to see Lane's parents and sister in Port Orchard, WA.

Day 1- Drove up to Wa and had dinner with the family

Day 2- Went to the Kitsap County Fair. The kids had fun looking at all the animals.

Day3- We went to the Seattle Aquarium,

then met up with my friend Karie and her Daughter Loreena and went out for lunch at the Asian Market and then to the Seattle Science Center. We saw the Lazer light show set to the music of Queen LOL. Lots of hands on fun, and the butterfly house was the highlight for Loreena and I.

After the science center I met up with two online friends and their kids at the park.

Day 4- We had lunch with Lane's grandmother and packed up to get back on the road.
Day 5- We drove to Spokane
Day 6- Drove to my parents
Day 7,8,9 had a great visit with Nana and Boppa

Day 10,11 drove home


Melody Polakow said...

glad you had a good time and you're home safe and sound!

I can't get over how much Max looks like Jonathon.. wow!!!

Kim Lenington said...

Whew you must be worn out! Glad you got to meet up with other Nov. Mommies and even happier you are home safe.

Natalie Neal Whitefield said...

It was such great fun! Love you, Momma