Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nursing School Orientation

Yesterday and Today I went to Nursing School Orientation. It was a really great experience. The first day the Dean of OHSU came down from Portland to speak with us in person. They used a wireless conferencing system so all the satelite schools could participate. They covered information on how to access all the services we need to use like financial aid. Then we had a catered lunch. After lunch we spent a lot of time getting to meet the faculty, and other students. Upper class students came to share their experiences with us and encourage us. I was excited to see quite a number of students that I had taken prerequisites with. It was a great start!

Today I learned to use a lot of different computer systems. The faculty gave us a lot of information about the program, and we took tours of the classrooms, skills and simulation lab. I left feeling really comfortable about the program, the faculty and the other students. It is going to be a steep learning curve but I am really getting excited about diving right into the hands on learning. They have computerized "patients" that follow programs generated by real patient data for us to learn on. We each do the simulation and then review with our classmates.

I now have all my books and supplies except for the shoes. I need a really comfortable all white pair of shoes.

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