Friday, October 24, 2008

Cup O' Joe Friday

Hello fellow bloggers! It's time for Company girl Friday again

Rachel Anne gave us a mission of letting go of the "Mommy Guilt" and boy did I ever need it. While my kids have been very understanding of the new schedule, I feel a little bit bad about all the time it is taking from their time with me. Especially on Thursday when I was struggling to fit in 2 hrs of studying for my Microbiology midterm and poor Nick really wanted my attention and I had to tell him I would have to get back to him when I got home. Boy did I feel like a heel. He accepted it, but I really felt guilty. So today I am choosing to forgive myself. He certainly has! I did spend a good two hours with him when I came home before digging back into my homework for today.

I think sometimes as mothers we have this idea that we should be able to meet everyone's needs all the time and still do what WE have to do. I am coming to see that this really isn't realistic and certainly not very healthy. We can only do our best and really have to let the rest go. Sometimes our agenda has to come first for an hour or two. Our loved ones really do need to know we are human :) Hopefully this won't have to happen too often, but it makes me very glad I waited until my kids were all in school to attempt this. I know they are all old enough to understand why I'm not here a lot, or why I have to spend so much of my time at home studying.


Fishy Girl said...

Good luck on your exam!

Isn't it amazing how hard we are on ourselves?

Mommahen said...

You're doing something wonderful for your family, but we as moms sure can find ways to play up the guilt huh? It gives me strength to know that other moms out there make it through. What an honest post. Found you through Home Sanctuary. Hope you do great with your class!

Erin said...

Congratulations on going back to school. Your commitment to learning (what a good model for them to see) and the pride they will feel will be what they remember.

Rachel Anne said...

Sorry it's taken me a while to get over here for coffee. We are having major computer/internet problems and stuff won't load....waaah.

Hang in there, you're doing a good thing!