Friday, October 24, 2008

A day at a time, a brick at a time

This was an incredibly busy week! I guess busy is the new normal. I passed my injection check off, got an A on the first quiz, a B on my Microbiology midterm which I am happy with, and we got a chance to practice some interviewing skills with an "adolescent" actor. Then we participated in our first clinical and got to go watch the babies and children at a day care center to learn how to do a developmental screening. It was fun.

The older boys had their parent teacher conferences Thursday and all is going well for them. Max is writing a lot and made a point of telling his teacher that he's doing better because he trusts them now. That really made me happy to hear that. Jake is reading at a higher grade level and participating in a reading group with 6th and 7th graders and really enjoying that. He is getting a good handle on his new classroom and I had a lovely long meeting with his teacher. I will have to reschedule Nick's since I had a time conflict. Cassie's are next week. Her school had a career day today and she collected info on colleges and careers to look over. It amazes me that she is really only one year away from applying to colleges.

The fall colors are brilliant right now and one of my rewards to myself this weekend is to take some time to take a few photos of the trees before the leaves fall off. I'll be sure to post some when I do.

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