Saturday, March 29, 2008

Painting Max's Room

This weekend the big project has been painting Max's room. He is moving into the office. At 13 I think he needs his own space. He took everything out of the office himself this week, and we had 2 of his friends over to paint today. We did the ceiling and two walls, and will do 3 coats, then move the furniture to the other wall and do the other two walls. He has planned and executed the whole project with a little help from us. I will be doing the rest of the painting....needless to say with RED paint it needs an adult finess to get the paint even but they did a decent job on the first coat and learned a lot. It's a bold color but it's fun and he likes it. I can deal with that :) And it's just paint. If he ends up not liking it we can repaint.

Test results are not in on the CAT scan, but my mammogram came back normal!

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Natalie Neal-Whitefield said...

What fun! I wish I could have a red room, too.