Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sweet Relief!

I am SO glad I decided to try accupuncture! For the first time in a month I had the experience of being completely relaxed without itching. The relief lasted until nightfall and it's still much better than it has been. I was very impressed, and I'll be going back on Friday for a second treatment, and 3 times next week. The accupuncturist is also a Dr of Chinese Medicine and she gave me an herbal treatment to take as well as some Essential Fatty Acids. Hopefully those will also be beneficial.

And I was able to take my bandages off tonight as the bigger blisters are all healed to the point they are no longer needing to be covered. I feel very grateful tonight!

I also got my teeth cleaned today, and went to my allergist. He gave me a clean bill of health lung wise, and said to just keep doing what I have planned and he'll see me in Dec.

Nick got to the Dr for eye drops, and spent the afternoon with Grandpa at the park while I had my accupuncture. He had a great time :)

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Melody Polakow said...

Good! I'm so glad it worked so well.

I've had a lot of relief as well in the past from it.

Love ya bec...