Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pretty Uncomfortable today

I slept o.k. last night, but my arms are all prickly feeling. Hopefully healing under the exisiting blisters. I do have some new very itchy rash on my torso and neck and legs, and a few new small blisters. I am going to take it very easy today. I think I did too much yesterday, shopping at 3 stores and doing laundry and then out to see a performance of Beauty and the Beast at the high school. It was a wonderful play and I really needed the diversion. They are so talented!

Today I am going to quietly rest and study for my Anatomy and Physiology final. I am also going to have Cassie help me make Nick a Star Board. He's Star of the week in K and I signed up for next week because I knew I'd have a light school load, LOL, Oh well we can still make it nice as long as I have someone to help.

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