Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Career Directions Inventory

I took a test called the CDI today. You can find it at:


It asks you a lot of questions and then figures out what fields you show an interest in based on which ones you favor over others.
Basic Interest scores:
93% Teaching/Social Service
91% Writing
84% Art
66% Industrial Art (construction)

54% Assertive
52% Outdoors
51% Food Service (Hospitality/Tourism) guess that knocks B&B out of the list!
48% Systematic (Museum Curator) interesting since it pops up so much everywhere else!
46% Science- I think all the math based q's skewed my score here. I love science but I suck at higher level math!
34% Administration (finance, gov't.)
31% Health Services- biotech, pharmacutical
31% Personal Service (cosmetology,personal trainer, etc.)
25% Persuasive (lawyer, retail, sales)
19% Clerical - Ah ha there is a reason I hate "office" type secretarial jobs! travel agent, banking, ins
3% Sales LOL Real estate, Retail/wholesale, Advertising/marketing/public relations!

My top 6 areas were:
1. Teaching/Social Service
2. Writing
3. Art/Design/Architechture
4. Industrial Art LOL!
5. Assertive- like Law enforcement
6. Outdoors- like zoo caretaker, agriculture, forestry.

General Occupational themes:
Artistic/Communicative 91%
Investigative/Logical 82%
Realistic/Practical 68 % ( This has gone way up since I took this in college, guess experience has changed me?)
Social/Helping 65%
Serving 39%
Enterprising 15%
Conventional 15%

I was A/I/ Social in college and since the R and Social score are so close I am going to say I'm a Artistic-Investigative/Logical-Social/Helping

Job Clusters:
Library Science 98%
Social Science 91%
Education 89%
Communication Arts 88%
Renewable Resource Technology 87% Maintaining and preserving plants, trees, wildlife(Environmental Science)
Performing Arts 81%
Art 80%
Architechtural Tech, Drafting and Design 80%

Science and Engineering 64%
Agriculture and Animal Science 57%
Social Services 55%
Not going to add any more since there are a lot. Boy I do conflict myself LOL.

Top Job Cluster:
Library Science

Archivist, Museum Technician and Conservator, Library Technician, Curator, Librarian, Library Assistant.

Require College Degree, Masters Degree

2nd Job Cluster:
Social Science

Market Research Analyst, Psychologist, Anthropologist, Geographer, Political Scientist, Industrial- Organizational Psychologist, Sociologist, Archeologist, Historians, Social Scientist Reasearch assistant.

Require College Degree, often Masters Degree

3rd Job Cluster:

Pretty much any type of teacher from early childhood through college is listed. WAY too many to type in LOL

Under that, my Educational specialty groups were listed: (fields of study and vocation)
Education Instructor 98%
Early Childhood Education 98%
Librarian 98%
Naval Sciences 97% ?? LOL
Interior Design 93%
General Arts 92%
Micro precision tech 92%
Broadcasting 90%
Horticulture 89%
Journalism 87%
Music 87%
Commercial Artist 87%
Landscape Architect 87%
Florist 86%
Architectural Technology 86%
Advertising Design 83%
Electrician 82% lol
Speech therapy 80%
Dance 79%
Aerospace Engineer Tech 79%
Special Ed 79%
Advertising 79%
Graphic Art/Tech Ill 78%
Forestry 77%
Court Reporter 76%
Child Care worker 76%
Drafting 75%
Teacher's Aide 75%
Elementary ed 65%

Interesting to see how all the things agree and conflict! Have to think more on it.
Music Ed 65%
I'll stop there as the rest

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