Monday, June 13, 2005

June 13, 2005

Today I went and bought a new tool shed. Have to put it together, it swears it takes no tools and only 15 min to set up. We'll see about that....

Taffy is driving me batty. Her newest habit is playing tug with the leash when I take her out to potty. Sigh, I really have a nut on my hands LOL. Oh well she's a puppy and that's what puppies do best! I figure once she's healed all the way from her spay and can run around more she'll calm down some again. We haven't gone on a real long walk since last monday!

Cassie finished 16 pages of math yesterday after I told her she can create a character on Dark Age of Camelot if she finished the book. We got a bit behind so she has some summer catch up to do. But I'm not worried, she aced the work she did finish and I think she's so ready for pre-algebra. Funny how a little bribe can get the teenager to work when nothing else will! ;)

I am loving my new computer :) It's black, and a Dell and so much faster than the old one. Before I know it I'll have all my pics burned to CD :) Yay! I've wanted to do that for forever.

Didn't get anything done on my career homework today. So I'll make a seperate entry of some of the earlier work to get that going. I am waiting on my coach to get back a report to me....

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