Tuesday, June 07, 2005

June 7, 2005

Summer is fast approaching, my garden is blooming, and Thursday is the last day of school. I had company here the last week, and now it's time to refocus on my search. I have been doing a career change program called the Oxford program and it's wonderful. Worth every penny so far.
I have learned quite a bit about myself. A lot of which is that I do know myself pretty well, but it is always nice to get unbiased outside feedback. It turns out the very things I score well on are the areas I thought I had some ability in. So far so good LOL.


I will have to update my journal with the first few weeks of findings, but first I have homework for this week to do :)

In other news, Miss Taffy my 6 month old beagle pup is at the vet getting spayed today. She knows the vet's is a place she's afraid of, so I felt appropriately guilty when she looked at me with her brown puppy eyes when I left with that look that said take me with you! I felt just awful leaving her there, but it had to be done. In addition they will fix her umbillical hernia and hopefully that will be the last surgery we'll deal with for a long while. She's such a sweet pup.

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