Tuesday, June 14, 2005

June 14, 2005

Put together the garden shed today. First off it was not that hard, but took longer than the box said. Probably because I'm a woman and had to shove really hard to get the back pieces where they were supposed to and the pieces kept popping off the tracks. But if I'd had another person to hold the sides still it would have been a breeze. I was able to fit all the hand tools, the ladder, the hand truck, weed eater, and the push mower in the shed. Once my DH cuts a shelf to fit I can put the 2 tool boxes and the gas can in there and it will all fit neatly!

We are going to use the old huge storage shed to hold the old gas lawnmower and all the garage sale items so I don't have to trip over them in the house. DH still needs to go through his boxes before we can have the yard sale. I really want to lighten our stuff load. Books are the toughest, we have so many and they are like old friends.

I didn't manage to go buy plants today, but by the weekend I will have the garden in. I pruned more roses today though and I'm overly proud of myself for doing the shed alone LOL.

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