Monday, June 13, 2005

Dream Careers

These are in no particular order, and I will add and subtract to them as I go along:

1. Fiction Writer
2. Retail Small Business owner
3. Online Store owner
4. Artist
5. Costume Designer
6. Interior Designer
7. Landscape Architect
8. Architect
9. Professional Organizer
10. Event Planner
11. Florist
12. Nursery Owner/Herb Farmer
13. Librarian
14. Museum Curator
15. Meteorologist
16. Climatologist
17. Geologist
18. History Teacher
19. Art Teacher
20. B&B Inn Owner
21. Real Estate Broker

I consider all options realistic, but some would be significantlymore difficult given my family situation.The themes I see are:All of these options seem to be specialist careers. My themes are Art/Design, business, science, things with aesthetic qualities, I would work alone a lot but still deal with people.

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