Monday, June 20, 2005

June 20, 2005

Very dissapointing :( My new furniture won't get here until the first week of July. What a bummer to be without a couch for two more weeks!

Also today, my oldest son has a friend from IA who was going to be visiting, and now we aren't sure if it will happen this time. His brother is getting married in CA, but they are flying out instead of driving. We may just buy him a ticket to fly up for 3 days so Max can see him. They are best friends and it just isn't a possibility that we'll miss out. If I have to I'll drive down to San Fran to see them and stay at my grandmother's for a few days. She lives in the area so it would just cost me the price of gas to do it. Long drive, but worth it to help my son stay in touch with his best friend.

I have a best friend like that. We have been best friends since forever, we met when we were babies and we still talk on the phone once a week or more. She lives in NH so we haven't seen each other in 7 years! I really must fly out when I can arrange it to see her. Mayber when my SIL visits next time I'll arrange to do that. I miss her so much! So I know how much my son's friendship means to him. Especially since it's very unusual for a child like mine to be able to maintain such a close and lasting friendship. It's priceless :) I am so happy his friend's mom sees it as really important too.

He has a really good friend here too, one grade ahead of him and a very gifted child. He had some behavioural issues as a younger child, but he's pretty good all around and his mother is an absolute gem. Her husband is a Hollywood producer who works there most of the year and comes home between films. I admit to thinking it's pretty cool that I actually know someone who has helped make movies! An in if I ever decide to be a scriptwriter and want to make some contacts ;)

Anyhow overall despite the setbacks it was a good day. DH picked out a new t.v. for our bedroom, it's a 27 in. LOL Never had such a big t.v. in my bedroom and it's so cool. We wouldn't have gotten such a big one except prices on regular t.v.'s have come down so much since the flat screen ones have gotten so popular. I feel like it's Christmas in June. Now the spending spree has to stop and we have to get back to normal Awww shoot.... darn bills need to be paid!

I just have to sit down and plan out my summer now that I know what will be going on. Looks like most of my traveling will be mid-July to Mid Aug. Unless I want to high tail it up to WA next week.... hmmm..... I'll have to think about it!

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